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Bison Sportswear, s.r.o. is a leading European manufacturer of jerseys and sportswear. Custom manufacture of original collections with a specific design is our credo. The company’s activity is focused on the manufacture of sports jerseys and sportswear for all sports. Export to the European Union countries forms the largest share of production. An important part of the production is custom-made deliveries directly to sports clubs and sports organizations both in the Czech Republic and abroad. Each set of jerseys and clothing is original, manufactures in accordance with the customer’s requirements. All products are manufactured exclusively in the Czech Republic, focusing on maximum quality. Clothing with the BISON brand can be found not only in the Czech Republic, but in almost all countries of the European Union, Canada, the United States and Australia.

History of the Company

The beginnings of the business, aimed in particular at the retail sale of ice hockey gear, date back to August 1995. The company was expanding rapidly and thanks to its successful operation in 1998 on the market, it has also started to deal with the production of hockey equipment (skates, hockey sticks, hockey gear) and hockey jerseys. The production of jerseys has gradually begun to expand also to other sports and thus to outgrow its way in the main focus of the company. In 2005, already under the BISON name, it began to expand abroad. By participating in major European fairs aimed at sport, the company managed to get orders in EU countries. This trend continues thanks to the quality of our products and export today covers the major part of the production. In 2014, we opened a new production hall with top-class facilities. We have modernized and expanded the company’s technological equipment. The transition to new premises has allowed us to increase production volume and improve the coordination of production processes.
Photos from a new production hall of Bison Sportswear, s.r.o. can be found here


Above all complex services and flexible production while preserving the high quality of our products are the philosophy of the company. We plan to continue to expand our product offer in the context of current trends and needs of our customers. However, it is not about having all the available assortment in the product offer. We always want to have only the quality products we can stand for. Experience has taught us that the use of quality materials, state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies and, above all, the precise design will reflect in the form of a satisfied and returning customer.
Furthermore we want to focus on streamlining processes across the enterprise. After all, each saved Czech crown can be further invested thus improving the work of our employees and increase the satisfaction of our customers.
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