Textile protective face mask from producer.

Bison Sportswear, Czech producer of sport jerseys, is coming with offer quality, textile protective mask, made from 100% Cotton.

We react on the current situation on the market, with a lack of quality protective face masks for repeatedly using.
Based on our many years of experience in textile production, we developed mask, which is different from other masks on the market.

Due to the assumed necessity of daily using masks in the next weeks or months, we tried to optimize the possibility of its adaptation and fixation on the face. Thorough fixation of the face mask is important for functionality and also for the necessary wearing comfort.
Laces that are not stitched at the bottom part, can be tighten and mask is better adapted to the face. This will result in better sealing, when the mask fits better on the face and also is more comfortable to wear.

In order to maintain the functionality of the mask, we recommend having more available masks per day and changing them. Moisture on the mask is the signal of reduced functionality of the mask. In this case we recommend to replace mask with a washed one.

Available variants:

Mask with one layer
external dimension 24 x 18cm
Price: 1,56€

Mask with two layers
external dimension 23 x 17 cm
Price: 2,15€

Mask with two layers, with inner pocket for protective filter:
external dimension 23 x 17 cm
Inner pocket: 20 x 17 cm
Price: 2,15€

More variants of protective face masks, including the possibility to order face masks in your own design can be found on the new page: Textile protective face mask.

Due to current situation and extremely high demands, it is necessary to set minimum order for 25, 50 or 100 pieces . Thank you for understanding.

Write orders in form: number, billing address, delivery address, email, mobile, on email: rousky@bison.cz

For additional info contact us: +420 603 511 146

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